Thrift Store Lamp Makeover


I recently made over this thrift store lamp to be used in my family room.  I had been on the hunt for one for over a year, but had been unable to find anything I liked for the space.

One day I ran onto this beauty online and instantly fell in love, but the $1,000.00 price tag was quite a bit over my budget.  So, I got to thinking ..."What if I could make over a lamp from the thrift store with a look inspired by this one?"

So, the next time I was at my local thrift store I went looking at their lamps, but couldn't find anything with the same shape.

What I did find was this beauty.  I loved the classic ginger jar shape, and as a bonus it came with a like-new lampshade which would work too.  I snapped it up, took it home and got to work.

I put a plastic grocery sack over the harp and over the cord, and taped them off.  I very lightly sanded the lamp and then cleaned it and dried it really well, and then I went over it with tack cloth to make sure that it was completely clean and free from any debris or lint.  Then I spray painted it with a beautiful navy blue paint.  It only took two coats and it looked perfect!  I then let it dry completely.

While the lamp was drying, I added the ribbon trim to the shade.  I ordered this navy and white striped ribbon from Amazon.  It has a velvet texture and I think it is just right for this lamp.  I would include an affiliate link to it, but it is out of stock.  If it is ever restocked I will update the post.
To apply it, I just used hot glue, and then when the the two ends came together, I just folded over the end of the ribbon, to give a nice finished look and glued that in place.  So easy - and it turned out just like I was hoping.

I love how this lamp turned out.  It was an easy, inexpensive, and fun project.