10 Easy and Fun Kids Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

 I will be the first to admit, that I have no cake decorating skills at all!  That becomes somewhat of a problem at birthday time, because I always make my kids' birthday cakes.  Through the years, I have pulled off a few fun and easy birthday cakes that my kids have loved.  I have also run on to a few ideas I have saved over the years.  I am going to share my favorites with you today.

So, here are 10 of my favorite easy birthday cake decorating ideas - some made by me, and others that I have found online.  

Cake number 1 -  A construction cake.

I made this, years ago, for my youngest son's third birthday. He loved it, and it was so easy.  Simply make your favorite cake. Frost it with your favorite frosting, and then cover it in crushed chocolate sandwich cookies.  Put a couple of small construction vehicles on top and fill with more crushed cookies, or cut-up peanut butter cups.  Your child gets a cake they love and a little extra present as a bonus!

Cake number 2 - Easy Angry Birds Cake

This is another easy cake that my son loved, and that included a little bonus birthday gift too!  You can view my post about it here.

Cake number 3 - Easy Train Cake

Oh my goodness, have I had some train-loving little boys!  I have made this fun train cake several times.  It is easy and they always love it.  See my post about it here.

Cake number 4 - A Simple Gumball Cake

This is another cake I have made more than once.  So easy, cute, and the gumballs are always a hit!  See my post about it here.

Cake number 5 - Star Wars Cupcakes

I made these easy and cute Star Wars cupcakes topped with Star Wars ring toppers for one of my son's birthday parties.  All the boys LOVED them!  See my post about them, and a couple of other great tips for a super fun Star Wars party here.

Cake number 6 - A Birthday Donut Tower

If your child is getting a little older, and loves donuts, this is a really fun idea. (Not to mention the easiest of them all!)  Simply pile up the donuts (one for each year), and top with candles.  You can see my post about this fun donut tower here.

These next easy cake decorating ideas are ones that I have saved over the years, but never made them myself.

Cake number 7 -  Easy M&M Flower Cake

I originally found this idea on Parents Magazine website, but the link to it doesn't work anymore. :(  It looks like it would be easy to pull off though.  And so cute!!

Cake number 8 - Easy Monster Cupcakes

Aren't these monster cupcakes the cutest?  Find the easy instructions for them at Love These Recipes.

Cake number 9 - Easy Mickey Mouse Cake

This would be so fun for a Disney loving kid.  See the easy instructions on Two Sisters.

Cake number 10 - Easy Balloon Cake

All you need is vanilla wafers, frosting, and licorice to create this cute and easy balloon cake. From BHG.

There you have it... 10 of my favorite cute fun and easy cake decorating ideas for kids birthdays!

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