14 Week Cleaning Grand Plan

Summer was hard on my house.  Well, truth be told, having five boys at home all summer was hard on my house.  It is in definite need of a good scrub down and some major organizing.  I have had a hard time getting motivated to do this.  I went looking to Pinterest to help me find some inspiration and found several plans where you clean and organize your house in 2 weeks or 30 days.   Those plans made me more discouraged than inspired.  I just couldn't imagine tackling a summer's worth of dirt and mess in such a short period of time, and then I remembered the 14 week cleaning Grand Plan.  I used it to get my house in perfect order before my last baby came.  It is a totally doable plan, because you focus on one room a week.  This allows you the time to give the room all the attention it needs without having to dedicate your entire life to it.

So, today I started my 14 week grand plan.  I won't be doing everything in exact order, but I will get to all of it and I am going to hold myself accountable by blogging about my progress.  I will try to keep these posts short and sweet, because most of them will probably be pretty boring.  And don't worry, I will be sure to sprinkle in some of the other fun stuff I do too.

Today I started with the entryway of my house.  The 14 week grand plan allows for an entire week for this, but my entryway is really small and is basically part of my living room, so I decided to give it one day and then spend the rest of the week on the living room.  This will allow me two full weeks in my kitchen, which makes me feel a lot less stressed about tackling that room

Today I:
  • Scrubbed down the door, door frame, baseboards, and walls.
  • Scrubbed the tile and grout in the entryway.
  • Washed the entryway area rug.
  • Did touch up painting where needed in the entry.
  • Cleaned the light fixture.
  • Cleaned off the large hook shelf and then got out a few of my fall decorations and re-decorated a bit.  I am not in love with this look, but I want to keep it simple, since I will be changing the décor on this shelf pretty much every month for the next few months.
This was a pretty simple day, but it feels good to have one area in my house that is perfectly clean.