Checking In

Just a quick update, as promised, on my Cleaning Grand Plan progress.  I continued in the living room and will be finished with it today.  In the past couple of days I managed to accomplish the following:

  • Vacuum and spot clean all upholstered pieces.
  • General pick-up and de-cluttering - there wasn't much in this room, thank goodness.
  • Dust and Clean piano and tables.

  • Replace my normal throw pillow covers with the ones I made last year to be used in the fall. 

(My boys were surprisingly really happy to see these again.)
  • Clean the train table - I know it is kind of weird that we have this in the living room, but it is the only place in our house that we have room for it and I am not giving it up.  It entertains my little boys for hours on end.

Today, my big boys and I are finishing up this room after they get home from school.  They are going to help me scrub baseboards and flooring transitions and then we are going to roll up the large area rug and give the hardwood floor a thorough cleaning, finally, we will replace the area rug and give it one final vacuum and the living room should be sparkling.  Feels good!