Knob Jars

I made quite a few knob jars for last weekends craft fair.  I was trying my hardest to only make things using what I had on hand.  I had these cute jars and knobs taking up space in my craft supplies and decided to see if I could make some simple knob jars out of them.  I painted the lids to have kind of a faux zinc finish using this tutorial.

I drilled a hole in the center of each lid and screwed the knobs in place.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

I did the same thing with these plain, but larger jars and knobs.

I really love how they turned out.

Finally I made some larger candy jars out of pickle jars and candle sticks.  The awesome lids are made from tuna cans - no kidding.  You can find the tutorial on how to make your own here.

I think they are really fun.

Most of these knob jars sold.  I have a few knobs left in my collection, so I will have to start saving up jars to make some more for the next craft fair.

I was happy with how these sold, but they weren't the top sellers.  I will post about those tomorrow.