Cleaning Grand Plan Update

Today is super busy and I am not sure that I am going to get to what I hoped to accomplish on my cleaning/organizing schedule - we will see - fingers crossed.  But, I wanted to check in quickly with what I was able to accomplish yesterday.  I know this post will be pretty boring, but honestly, sometimes the fact that I feel I need to report my progress on this blog, helps get me going, so bear with me please.

Yesterday, I cleaned and organized the upper cabinets in my kitchen.  I even took some pictures- which are pretty pathetic, the lighting in our kitchen is sorely lacking, but posting them makes me feel like I can prove I really did something - so here goes...

This is my baking/cooking cupboard.  I have big plans for reorganizing this, but I am waiting until I paint the cupboards - hopefully this fall.  So, I just wiped it out and straightened up a bit.

This cupboard mostly holds storage containers and mixing bowls.  It just got wiped out and straightened up a bit as well.

This is the cupboard that holds vitamins and medicine.  I already had it organized this way, but it needed some major straightening and I also replaced the labels on the bins.  It looks much better now.

Finally, this cupboard usually looks like this, but it got emptied, wiped down and then the dishes were replaced as they were before.
I know it is hard to believe, but I actually spared you the most boring pictures.  Yikes!!  The only upper cabinet I did not get to is the one that holds my cookbooks. It is completely full and I need to spend some time doing some editing.  I will hopefully get to that in the next few days.
Okay, I feel a little better having reported my progress.  Now, I need to boogie.  The day is calling and it is a busy one.