Tuesday's Tip - One of My Favorite Cleaning Supplies

One of my favorite cleaning supplies is one designed for your teeth.  I have found a toothbrush to be a handy little tool for cleaning the house as well as those pearly whites.  (Of course,  I never use the same one for both. Ewwww!)

I use a toothbrush for cleaning all sorts of hard to reach places such as, window tracks, flooring transitions, corners, where the baseboard meets the floor, etc.  I also use them for scrubbing tile grout.  I wouldn't be without one when I am trying to do a really detailed cleaning.  I try to always have several on hand, but I buy them on the cheap, they don't need to be the same good quality that you would use in your mouth.

Now, onto my progress on the cleaning grand plan . . .

Today, I moved into the living room and accomplished the following:
  • Cleaned the light fixture and ceiling fan.
  • Washed the window and windowsill.
  • Cleaned out the window track (using a handy-dandy toothbrush).
  • Cleaned the blinds.
  • Washed the curtains.
  • Washed the walls.
  • Cleaned the mirror.
  • Dusted all the art hanging on the walls.
I don't take many pictures of what I have accomplished.  I don't want to bore you to tears, but I just have to share this one.

Window tracks can get gross fast and it makes me feel so good to see one looking like this.  Is that weird?