Paper Snowman with Watercolor Resist Background - Art Project for Kids


My youngest two boys recently made these cute paper snowmen on a watercolor resist background in their art journals.  We all had so much fun with this easy winter art project, we wondered why it had taken us so long to pull out our art journals again, and we decided we would have to do another art journal project very soon.

When my boys were younger, I used to pull out the art journals more regularly.  They were required to do something creative every day (along with several other things like chores, reading, piano practice, playing outside, etc,) before they could have any screen time.  So I often helped them come up with an art journal project to do during their creative time. 

 My boys are not so little anymore, and I wouldn't say they are super into art, but they still enjoy a simple art journal project now and then.  This project is so easy, and my boys really enjoyed it. 

If you would like to make your own snowman art journal page, this is what you do...

First - Take a white crayon and draw several snowflakes all around the art journal page.

Second - Use blue and gray watercolors to paint a nice wintery background.  Use plenty of water with the watercolors so the colors kind of blend together, but not so much that you lose the color variation.  I love seeing the snowflakes appear during this step.

Third -  Allow the pages to dry.  My boys were unsurprisingly a little impatient with this step, so we took the journals into my bathroom and used my blow dryer to hurry the process along.

Fourth -  cut out white circles.  We used several different round objects that were different sizes, like a drinking glass, lid from a jar, small bowl, etc. to trace circles of different sizes, and then the boys cut them out.  As you can see, one of my boys went the extra mile and built a very tall snowman with a bunch of circles. My other son took a more classic approach with a three-ball snowman.

Fifth - Cut out an orange carrot nose and glue it in place, or simply draw one on with an orange marker or crayon.

Sixth - Use a black marker and give the snowman some eyes, a mouth and some buttons.

Seventh -  Dress the snowman up with a scarf.  We used washi tape, but you could also just cut out and glue on a colored paper scarf.

Eighth - cut out a wavy strip of white paper for the snow on the ground and cut out some green trees and glue them to the paper.

Tada! Enjoy your cute wintery snowman art journal page!

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