Principal Closet Organization


I'm popping in today to share how I organize my principal closet.  Well, popping in, may not be the right term.  I am sharing a lot of pictures today, so this may take awhile.

I am not sharing this closet because it is huge or beautiful or even perfectly organized. I am just sharing, because not everyone has a huge designer closet that is perfectly organized, and there may be a few ideas in my less-than-perfect closet for someone who is trying to tackle organizing their closet.  I personally love this closet and it works perfectly for me and that is what is most important.

I am kind of a minimalist, so that applies to my clothes and shoes as well.  I don't have a ton and that works best for me.  

When we were putting this closet together, I didn't want to do too much that was super permanent until I had used it awhile, and while there are a few minor changes I want to make someday, for the most part I am happy with what I have in here.

We hung some clothes rods where I could hang my shirts, blouses, skirts, and dresses. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for shoe storage, so I decided to use this old KALLAX shelf unit from IKEA that I wasn't using anymore.   (You can see how I used it in my previous house here.)  While I would like to change this up someday, it has honestly worked pretty well for me for shoe storage in this closet.

While my closet isn't huge, it is a good size, so I store a lot of things in the closet.  Since we have nine-foot ceilings in here, we had room for two shelves above the clothes rods and I was able to put baskets and bins up there to store items such as gifts, travel items, keepsakes, beach towels, swimsuits, etc.  

I already had the white baskets.  I purchased the wicker baskets from Homegoods and the covered bins are BLADDRARE boxes from IKEA. (Not affiliated)

I used my favorite label maker and 12mm labels (*affiliate links), to label the baskets and bins to keep everything organized and easy to find.

I have a  6-drawer dresser at the end of the closet.

I don't have much jewelry either, so it is mostly stored in this simple wooden jewelry box. (*affiliate link)  I love this jewelry box. It is well constructed and it is easy to keep my jewelry organized in it.

I don't keep my necklaces in the jewelry box. I hang them on this hanger on the wall next to the dresser.

I will share a look inside a few drawers just to give you an idea of how I organized the dresser.  I put my DIY drawer dividers in the top two drawers.  You can see how I made them here

The drawers hold my workout clothes and pajamas,

They also hold my jeans, shorts, and pants.

On the wall opposite the clothes rods, is this wall of hooks.  Obviously, I haven't styled it or anything, but it is a great place to quickly hang my purses and bags.  I could also easily hang belts, scarves, jackets, etc. here.

I am not showing my husband's side of the closet.  I do not clean it or organize it for him, because I have learned he will never keep it that way, so, let's just say it is not too photogenic. ;)

There is one thing that I like on his side of the closet, and it is this wall-mounted ironing board (*Affiliate Link)

It folds up neatly when not in use.

And pulls down easily when needed.

I also love the Wall Mount Iron Holder (*Affiliate Link)  It holds both my iron and my steamer.

My iron is good, but nothing special.  I really love my Steamer (*Affiliate Link).  I think it does a great job, especially considering the affordable price. 

And, while we are in this closet, I want to share my wedding dress storage bag. (*Affiliate Link)  My old wedding dress bag needed to be replaced, (It is over 20 years old, after all) and I purchased this one.  I am really happy with it.  I think it is good quality for the price, and easily holds my full-length wedding dress.

It also has several pockets that could hold wedding shoes, wedding jewelry, etc.

Well, that's it.  My organized principal closet. I hope that if you are looking for some simple ideas to organize your closet you have found something useful here.