Easy, Large Baby Bib Tutorial with Free Pattern

When I had my third little boy, a friend brought me a large bib that she had made for him.  It soon turned into the most favorite bib I have ever had.  Even though it was covered in snowmen, it got used year round.  It was great when he was a baby, first learning to eat solids, because it covered everything.  It was also great as he grew because it fit him all the way into his toddler years.  It was made from a dark fabric on the front and denim on the back, so it always washed up great.  I loved this bib so much that I used it as a guide to create a simple pattern and started making and giving the bibs as baby gifts.  All the moms that received them from me felt the same way that I did.  They were truly the most perfect bib they had ever had.  In fact, one of my friends told me that it was the only bib her son would wear when he was a toddler.

This bib is simple to make, and pretty inexpensive if you recycle old jeans to be used for the denim on the back.  I hope you enjoy this bib as much as I have.

Now, onto the tutorial . . .

Download the PDF pattern pieces:

bib pattern bottom (1 page)

bib pattern top (2 pages)

 Cut out the pattern pieces and tape them together as shown.  (They are not perfect, I am not a professional pattern maker, but they will work just great for this project)

Get an old pair of jeans and cut a straight line up the leg seam

Open up the pant leg and place the pattern over the wrong side of the jeans.  I like to line up the tape line with the seam line on the jeans.  Pin in place.
 Cut out the denim along the pattern lines and remove the pattern.

Lay the pattern piece on the right side of your fabric.  Pin in place. Cut out the fabric along the pattern lines and remove the pattern.

Now, pin the denim and the fabric together wrong sides together.

Take the bib to your machine and stitch a line at a 1/2" seam allowance all the way around the bib.

You will have a single stitching line all the way around the bib like this, but I don't stop there.

If desired, make a second line of stitching next to the first.

It will look like this when finished.  I have also done two lines of zig zag stitching, which is a little more forgiving than straight stitching and is really cute!!

Take sew-in velcro and pin it to the bib as shown.  Stitch around each square to secure.  You can also use a snap here rather than velcro if you prefer.

Trim your threads and then clip all the way around the edge of the bib, being careful not to cut over the stitching lines.

It will look about like this when it is done.   Now it is time to send the bib through a wash and dry to begin the ragging process on the edges.

This is what it looks like after one wash and dry.  Pretty cute!!

 And even cuter on your darling baby.


No matter what side you decide to use.