Tuesday's Tip - Ribbon Storage Idea

Recently, I went through all my ribbon and reorganized it.  There were several spools that were still working well for me, but I had a bunch of ribbon that was a big, huge disorganized mess.  Here is the proof . . .

I know, this is probably making all those ultra-organized people out there have a panic attack, but it is what it is (or was).

I have actually tried a few different methods for ribbon storage, and while I am sure they are all great for a lot of people, none of them worked that well for me.  Until one day, I saw a method of storing embroidery floss that looked interesting, and I figured it just might work for ribbon too, so I gave it a try with all those free-floating pieces of ribbon in my box.

I just wound the ribbon around a clothespin and secured the end in the clothespins jaws.  Now it is super easy to use the amount I need and then re-secure the end with hardly a second wasted.  So far, this system is working great for me, and as a bonus, my ribbon went from filling an entire large diaper box, to only needing a plastic shoebox.