Easy Pillow Cover from Button-up Shirt

This is the easiest removable pillow cover you will ever make.  All you need is a pillow form and a button-up shirt, and of course, a few sewing supplies.  I had this green shirt laying around that no one ever wore, so I decided to make a cute pillow for my green-loving five-year-old's boring bed.  Here is what I did.
1.  Button up your shirt.  Smooth and straighten it out well (both front and back).
2.  Cut out your your squares of fabric, from both the front and back of the shirt at the same time, making sure that the buttons are centered.  You want to cut the fabric 1" larger than your pillow form.  For example, I had a 15" pillow form, so I cut my squares 16" x 16"
3.  Pin the front and the back of the pillow cover together, right sides together.

4.  Sew around all four sides with a 1/2" seam allowance.
5.  Clip Threads and clip corners.

6.  Turn the pillow cover right side out, working out the corners.  Then insert your pillow form, button up the cover and admire your work.  Sooooo easy, and cute to boot!

Before you discard the rest of the shirt, cut off the cuffs and make a couple of cute little pouches as seen on Family Chic.   Check out her tutorial.  These could not be easier and she has so many great ideas for using them.

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