Glitter Pillar Candles Tutorial

I was inspired to make these to adorn my easter mantle when I saw them here at Pottery Barn.

I'm sure there are several ways to make your own version of these candles, but this is what I did, and it was soooo easy.

For this project, you will need the following:
     1.  Pillar Candle
     2. White Glue that dries clear, and is not flammable.  I used Tacky Glue.
     3.  Paint brush
     4.  Glitter
     5.  Wax paper

First tear off two pieces of wax paper, on the first one dump out a liberal amount of glitter and spread it out in a strip that is slightly wider than your candle is tall.

On the second piece of wax paper, squirt out a liberal amount of glue.
Now, brush the glue liberally all around the candle, avoiding the top and bottom.  Make sure you don't miss any spots.  (Ignore any pieces of brush or glitter that may get caught in the glue in this step, they will be completely covered up with the glitter.)

Next, holding the candle by the top and bottom, roll it in the strip of glitter that you previously prepared.  Make sure that all glued surfaces are completely covered.

Now pick up the candle by the wick and give the candle a few gentle taps on the bottom, to release any excessive glitter .  Set it on the second piece of wax paper and let dry.

Make your first piece of paper, holding the glitter, into a bit of a funnel and pour the leftover glitter back into the glitter container.  You will never be able to get every last piece of glitter off the paper, so throw it away.

If you are making a second candle in a different color, get a fresh piece of wax paper and repeat the steps above.

So easy, and pretty cool!