Button Tree Wall Hanging Craft


Ok. I realize these pictures are TERRIBLE!  Photographing white on white is really rough for an amateur like me.

But I decided to share this anyway because it is a cute, fun, and easy project, that will add some color and fun and whimsy to your room.

I have had this button tree craft project saved on my Pinterest board for years, and finally decided to use up these three canvases and some buttons I had sitting around to make a cute wall hanging for my sewing room/office.

You can see the tutorial that I found for it here.  I didn't do everything that she did.  I decided to keep mine a little simpler, and I used three long and skinny canvases rather than just one large one (because that is what I had on hand.) but I love both.

My youngest son and I had a lot of fun putting this cute button tree together and it is adding some color and fun to my sewing room.

If you want to make a similar button tree, I am including a couple of affiliate links that you may find helpful.

I had buttons on hand to make my tree, but if you don't, this batch of buttons, looks like it would work well, and is inexpensive. There are a lot more buttons than you would need, but then you would have some on hand for your next button craft. ;)

*Affiliate Link

I used tacky glue to adhere all of my buttons to the canvas.  I love tacky glue and use it for a lot of craft projects.

*Affiliate Link