Classic Texas Sheet Cake


This recipe for Classic Texas Sheet Cake comes from my mom's recipe box.  She gave her box of recipes to me several years ago, and I have decided to start working my way through it.  So, you will probably see several of "Mom's Recipe Box" recipes popping up on the blog over the next little while.

It is kind of funny, when I first ran onto this recipe in her box, I was surprised.  I never remember her making Texas Sheet Cake, even once.  But I decided to give the recipe a try.  It is indeed a Classic Texas Sheet Cake, but made with all butter - no shortening, oil, or margarine.

I have made it twice now, and both times it has turned out perfectly.

A lot of  Texas sheet cakes include nuts in the icing, or sprinkled on top.  I did not include them in my cake because #1 - my mom's recipe didn't call for them, and #2 - I have a son who cannot have walnuts.  But if you want to include the nuts in the icing, just make sure they are chopped and ready to add to the icing before pouring it over the cake, or to be sprinkled on the top as soon as the icing is spread over the cake.

In addition, this recipe calls for buttermilk in both the cake and the frosting.  If you have it on hand that is best, but if not, you can make your own by adding a bit of lemon juice or sour cream to regular old milk and the cake will still be delicious.  **(I use 1 Tbsp. of lemon juice per cup of milk)

If you are looking for a classic Texas Sheet Cake recipe, I hope you will give my mom's recipe a try.  I think it is a good one.